Executive Director

Juniper Leherissey headshot

Juniper Leherissey

Executive Director

Juniper Leherissey has followed a passion for art and creativity back to her hometown of Taos. She spent many hours at the Harwood Public Library growing up. After dedicating her career to non-profit arts, Juniper took the helm of the museum in 2019 to make a difference in the community that she loves.

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Philanthropy & Engagement

Sonya Davis headshot

Sonya Davis

Director of Development

Sonya Davis has been at the Harwood since 2017, having come from Florida where she spent the previous five years as a fundraising and organizational development consultant. Prior to her consulting work, she served as the Executive Director of the Pensacola Museum of Art and the Lighthouse Arts Center in Jupiter, both in Florida.

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Headshot of Harwood staff member Susie

Susie Crowley

Donor Relations and Volunteer Manager

Susie Crowley has always been inspired by the arts. With her interest in humanities and community, her work at the Harwood helps her stay connected to her love of art and of the people of Taos.

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Shemai Rodriguez headshot

Shemai Rodriguez

Marketing and Engagement Manager

Shemai Rodriguez is descended from two generations of Taos painters. Additionally, her family has lived in Taos for centuries, giving her a deep connection to art, the land, people and special blend of cultures. Being surrounded by the art at the Harwood Museum is a very personal experience for her as she advances her passion for serving the community she loves.

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Exhibitions & Collections

Headshot of Nichole Dial-Kay

Nicole Dial-Kay

Curator of Exhibitions & Collections

Nicole Dial-Kay came to the Harwood Museum in February 2020 with a passion for curating exhibitions that reflect the diversity and talent that exist in Northern New Mexico.

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Headshot of Christopher Albert

Christopher Albert

Collections Manager

Christopher Albert joined the Harwood Museum of Art in 2013. Chris’ personal passion for the arts and his attention to detail makes him a perfect steward of the Harwood Museum’s art collections and loaned art objects.

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Headshot of Harwood staff member Emily

Emily Santhanam

Curatorial Assistant

Emily Santhanam (Chickasaw/Tamilian) comes to the Harwood Museum of Art with a passion for decolonial museum practices and collaborative programming. She worked for the Chickasaw Nation as a curator of exhibitions and education from 2017 through 2020, organizing cultural, historical, and fine arts exhibitions.

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Katy Ballard headshot

Katy Ballard


Katy Ballard has an appreciation for art history as well as what it takes to get art on the walls. Katy joined the Harwood team in 2018 and has installed dozens of exhibitions. She also supports curatorial research satisfying her curiosity to learn about the historic and contemporary art and artists of Taos and the surrounding communities.

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headshot for dave ryan

Dave Ryan


Dave Ryan comes to the Harwood Museum with over 40 years of museum experience in Colorado and New Mexico. Dave grew up in Albuquerque and began his museum career at the Maxwell Museum at UNM.

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Education & Programs

Gwen Fernandez headshot

Gwendolyn Fernandez

Curator of Education and Public Programs,

Gwendolyn Fernandez is a compassionate educator who advocates for centering care and community in museum practices. She comes to the Harwood with 15 years of experience working collaboratively to develop programs, design interpretive strategies, and foster diverse teams that serve museum audiences of all ages and abilities.

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Headshot of Harwood staff member Francis

Francis Santisteven

Multimedia Services Tech

Francis Santistevan has a passion for acquiring new knowledge and experiences. Joining the Harwood team in 2019, he helps to bring Harwood’s programs to the public whether virtual or in the beautiful Arthur Bell Auditorium.

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Museum Store & Visitor Services

Headshot of Harwood employee Jason

Joseph Racicot

Museum Store and Visitor Experience Manager

Joseph celebrates the unique and creative spirit of Taos, the community in which he was born and raised. He desires to enliven and maintain traditional New Mexican art and culture as well as to help provide a space for more contemporary expressions.

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Headshot Harwood staff Lesley

Lesley Ivy

Customer Services Associate

Lesley Ivy loves helping guests find the ideal gift in the Harwood Museum Store. As a native of Dallas, she considers herself a life-long student with a gypsy soul.

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A woman with sunlight dappled across her face

Chrissy Rutkaus

Customer Services Associate

Chrissy Rutkaus enjoys being a part of the team that welcomes visitors to the Harwood Museum on a daily basis. She joined the museum staff in 2021.

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Headshot of harwood staff Nancy

Nancy Berk

Customer Services Associate

Nancy Berk Nancy’s passions include working with people; learning about and appreciating art in all its forms; and spending time with her grandchildren.

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Operations & Facilities

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Position Open

Operations Manager

The Harwood Operations Manager, aka Unit Administrator 3,  is one of our most important leadership positions and is an opportunity to make a real difference in the organization.

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Headshot of Damian Lieto

Damian Lieto

Facility Manager

Damian Lieto cares for the Harwood’s historic buildings making sure both our art collections and our guests experience an optimal environment. With over 25 years of experience in the construction trades, Damian brings a wealth of knowledge to the Harwood team.

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Headshot of Eric De Herrera

Eric DeHerrera

Facilities Services Tech

Eric DeHerrera has a passion for working with adobe buildings. Since the Harwood Museum of Art is housed in a registered historic location, he enjoys the opportunity to preserve such a valued example of New Mexico’s traditional Pueblo Style architecture. He enjoys restoring old windows and doors and repurposing old or antique things.

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