Art Exhibitions at the Harwood Museum

View world-class arts in Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art has the most diverse and extensive art exhibitions in Taos, sharing a comprehensive collection of artworks celebrating more than a century of art in Taos. Our six permanent collection galleries showcase exhibitions that feature both historic and contemporary Taos art. We display Traditional Hispanic work from the 18th century to the Taos Society of Artists, mid-century moderns, Taos Moderns, late-20th Century artists, and contemporary artists living and working in the Taos community today. We are home to the world-renowned Agnes Martin Gallery, and Ken Price’s unique Death Shrine I installation, both on permanent display.

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The Harwood Museum of Art also has 4 galleries dedicated to changing exhibitions that feature local, regional, and internationally recognized artists who have a significant connection to northern New Mexico and its rich artistic and cultural history. Our exhibitions are displayed in our historic galleries featuring the original John Gaw Meem Pueblo Revival style architecture. Our newer galleries are explicitly designed to showcase large-scale contemporary art. The Harwood Museum of Art offers comprehensive exhibitions celebrating the artists of Taos and Northern New Mexico.

Header Image: Self.i.e, The Works of Sarah Stolar