Katy BallardPreparator

Katy Ballard headshot

Katy Ballard, Preparator, has an appreciation for art history as well as what it takes to get art on the walls. Katy joined the Harwood team in 2018 and has installed dozens of exhibitions. She also supports curatorial research satisfying her curiosity to learn about the historic and contemporary art and artists of Taos and the surrounding communities.  

Katy earned her Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Critical Studies and Artistic Practice from Texas Tech University. She also received a Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS), Master of Arts in Museum Science, and Bachelor of Arts in History from Texas Tech University. Her museum work experience includes collections management, museum conservation, museum installation, museum education, and special event planning. Katy also has experience teaching in art, art education, and women and gender studies.  

Katy enjoys baking, cooking, spending time with her family (even if her teenage daughter is not always thrilled about this), and doing community activism including work on the board of Taos LGBTQ+ Pride. Recently, she has further explored her love of studio work and teaching at UNM–Taos and beyond.