Molly CaseyEducation Coordinator

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Molly Casey is a museum educator who strongly believes in increasing museum accessibility through community engagement. She emphasizes creating programming that is inclusive, welcoming, and most importantly: a lot of fun.

Molly has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Texas at Austin, and a master’s degree in Museum and Heritage Studies from the University of Bordeaux. Having originally trained to be a high school teacher, she moved to France to teach English for seven months…and ended up staying for eight years. Her experiences include internships at the Musée d’Aquitaine, the Musée des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux, as well as the education department at the Palace of Versailles. Most recently she spent seven months commuting via boat to an island in the Mediterranean, where she led school tours and workshops at the Villa Carmignac.

As a newcomer to New Mexico, Molly is enjoying getting to know her new town and learning about its rich history and cultural traditions. She enjoys doing yoga, hiking, and can regularly be found at the local movie theater.