May 27, 2016 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Volunteers like you have supported the Harwood Museum for nearly 100 years.

Since 1923, the community has volunteered time and resources to bring art and education to Taos. It began when Burt and Lucy Harwood collected books from friends and opened thier home to create the town's first library.

Today we continue to offer volunteers a wide range of choices when it comes to ways you can support the Harwood. See a full description of volunteer opportunities below.


Email us at or call us at 575-758-9826  Ext. 109 




 Education Programs - Do you love working with children?

Each year The Harwood’s hosts thousands of children who come here to learn and experience through art. Our educational programs provide fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities.   We currently offer programs for elementary school students, Saturday family programs, a Sunday drop-in family program, summer workshops, and outreach programs in low-income areas during the summer months.

Volunteers have the opportunity to help children develop creativity, critical thinking, foster cultural and community awareness and to foster joy through learning, among other things.

Opportunities in this area include program supervision, prepping materials, studio maintenance, program evaluation, curriculum research, organization of supplies and projects, posting flyers, and much more.  No experience is necessary, just a love of working with children.

Volunteers are also needed in the adult programs area, specifically focusing on adult studio classes. 

Volunteer opportunities are available Sunday-Monday. 

 Special Events - Do you want to attend museum parties and meet people?

Special events at the Harwood include private VIP  opening receptions, member only events and community programs like the Lighting of Ledoux.  Volunteer opportunities in Special Events can be particularly satisfying as they are very social!

Opportunities include:

Gallery Guards:  As the Harwood is first and foremost a museum with a valuable collection of art, the job of security is very important during all of our events. Security or gallery guards make sure that people do not bring food into galleries, and kindly remind violators of this policy.   This task involves standing for two hours.

Front Desk :   Watching the security cameras is another essential job. This entails sitting in a chair at the admissions desk and keeping an eye on security monitors. This is a great job for those who do not wish to be on their feet.

Counter:  This job of counting program attendees can be done by front desk security.  In the case of a big event, however, it’s best to have one person focus on it -  using a mechanical counting machine to tally our guests.

Greeters:  Greeters stand at the front door or the reception desk and welcome people to the museum, explain where the program is taking place, and help with any questions.

Gift Shop: During high-volume events the gift shop needs assistance with customer service such as answering questions, showing jewelry, wrapping gifts, etc.   Volunteers will not be asked to work with the cash register.  Note:   The Gift Shop conducts an annual inventory. Volunteers are also needed to help with this process by counting cards, books, etc.   The     inventory process usually takes place in mid-June over a period of a few days.

Reception Help:   This opportunity is great for people who like to decorate, arrange food and keep busy.   Volunteers are needed to assist event caterers by helping put out food, keeping tables stocked with napkins, checking and emptying trash cans, and cleaning up at the end of the event. Some receptions do not have caterers; in this case, volunteers are needed to plan menus, shop for food, and arrange food.


Public Programs

The Harwood Museum had a135-seat auditorium where we provide programs to the community that include literary events, music, films and lectures. Volunteers are needed to help with collecting tickets, distributing programs, serving as ushers, and generally monitoring events. THis volunteer position is a great way to get to see many of these events free of charge.


Gardening Committee

The Harwood Museum grounds can be quite beautiful when they are properly maintained. The maintenance staff needs help with the upkeep of the front and back gardens. This is a great volunteer job as you are able to work outside, you can devise your own schedule, and you can accomplish something that makes the museum look beautiful to our visitors.

In 1998 the Harwood received a generous donation from Santa Fe Gardens of plants, trees and bushes to begin our garden areas at the front of the museum. In 2000 the Harwood received a grant from Los Jardieros to complete the landscape project under the plan of Steve Domigan. Over the years the major duty of caring for these garden beds and plants has been undertaken by volunteers and staff.   

We need your help!   Jobs include:

  • Weeding of beds, and on street in front of Harwood
  • Pruning bushes
  • Deadheading flowers
  • Planting flower pots
  • Adding plants when/where necessary.
  • Watering plants (our maintenance guys do this, but could use some help in the heat of the summer & weekends)
  • Back garden – sky is the limit!  A small garden was installed behind the Director’s office in 2009, but there are a few more areas as well as large pots that could use some help in planting. This area is used during openings in the summer and it would be great to create more color with flowers back here.

The Harwood will provide tools, gloves, soil, mulch and plants.



Twice a year, in the fall and spring, the museum sends letters for its Annual Giving campaign. This is an opportunity to join your fellow volunteers for a letter stuffing party that has great impact on the organization. Not only do you save valuable resources buy donating your time, you also support one of our most important fundraising events.


Press Book

The Harwood’s press book is a three-ring binder containing publicity on the programs, exhibitions and activities of the Museum.  This job requires the use of the photocopy machine as well as Internet access to search for information related to the Harwood.

The Museum staff gathers press releases, Newspapers, flyers, exhibition announcements, etc. which are placed in a box. This box, known as the “press box,” needs to be sorted chronologically, photocopied when on newsprint, and placed in plastic sleeves and organized inside the binder.


Special notes:

  • The Taos News is gathered in its entirety – please look through the TEMPO for mention of the Harwood.  It may be a feature story, it may be in one of the smaller sections, including the calendar, it may also be a paid advertisement. Each reference needs to be photocopied onto a piece of white paper, with details on the date of the issue and page number indicated on the photocopy. The original TEMPOS are placed in our archives, so please do not cut the pages.
  • Press Releases – press releases on the activities of the Harwood need to be sorted according the date they were released. Occasionally the same press release is sent out on different dates; please include all press releases, even if they appear to be duplicates.
  • Invitations/ Exhibition announcements: please place these in their own plastic sleeve so that the information on both sides is visible. No need to mount this on a piece of white paper
  • Another job is to run searches on the Harwood through Google, referencing the museum, the exhibitions, programs and print out any articles or information.
  • Photocopying – we will show you the special features of our photocopy machine. We try to photocopy in black and white as color copies are prohibitively expensive.


Thank you for considering volunteer opportunities at the Harwood Museum of Art!


Email us at or call us at 575-758-9826  Ext. 109 



The Harwood offers unpaid internships for college and university students in its curatorial, development, and education departments.   A description of each internship is available here while an internship application may be found here.  We regret that the museum is unable to provide assistance with transportation or housing arrangements; however, if you're the right candidate we'll make sure that you have a fantastic internship experience!  For more information contact the museum at