February 27, 2017 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Strategic Plan

In November 2009 the Harwood Museum of Art launched a strategic planning effort that would span six months and engage thirty-nine members of the museum’s staff and boards.  The planning process was inspired by three key goals:

          1. To prepare the museum for accreditation by the American Association of Museums
          2. To increase the museum’s attendance
          3. To achieve financial stability

In June 2010 the Harwood's Governing Board approved a strategic plan that will guide the museum through the year 2014.  The plan includes nine strategic goals:

  1. Streamline and clarify the museum’s governance structure in order to more actively engage Board members, increase the effectiveness of the Museum’s Boards, and align the Harwood’s governance structure with the “AAM Accreditation Commission’s Expectations Regarding Governance.”
  2. Carefully shape the museum’s exhibitions portfolio in order to increase attendance, maximize earned income, grow targeted audiences, and align with the AAM Accreditation Commission’s “Characteristics of an Accreditable Museum.”
  3. Maximize contributed income through focused cultivation and stewardship of existing and potential donors.
  4. Continually learn about existing and potential visitors, and use that information to increase attendance among audiences identified as strategic priorities
  5.  Diversify the Harwood’s audience in terms of age, ethnicity, income levels, and education level.
  6. Maximize Earned Income
  7. Strengthen and focus the museum’s collection through strategic acquisition, thoughtful deaccessioning and careful management
  8. Improve the visitor experience through the integration of visitor-centered orientation, way-finding and interpretation.
  9. Maximize the potential of the museum’s interior and exterior spaces.