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February 05, 2019


BIRDS OF APPETITE: Alchemy & Apparition
Tasha Ostrander + Izumi Yokoyama
February 9 - May 12, 2019

Birds of Appetite: Alchemy & Apparition presents work by Izumi Yokoyama
and Tasha Ostrander. Yokoyama’s pen & ink drawings and installation and
Ostrander’s digital Light Jet prints are drawn from stand-alone series by each

Their selections for this collaborative project are based upon shared
concerns that converge in common themes. Those themes—palpable, stark,
and magical—infuse the congruent motifs and visions that animate Birds of
at the same time as convey their unique and personal routes to that

Tasha Ostrander, Chemical Spirit No. 30, 2018, archival light jet print, face-mounted to plexiglass, 22“ x 28”


The common themes in the works of Yokoyama and Ostrander in Birds of Appetite are nature and transformation. Nature embraces all life forms and all environs. It is at once the matrix of matter and dynamic crucible of all change—transformation. It is the locus of the quick and the dead.

Izumi Yokoyama, Broody (detail), 2017, pigment ink pen drawing on paper, 17” x 14”


Lynda Benglis
February 9 - May 12, 2019

Known for her exploration of metaphorical and biomorphic shapes, Lynda Benglis is deeply concerned with the physicality of form and how it affects the viewer, using a wide range of materials to render dynamic impressions of mass and surface: soft becomes hard, hard becomes soft, and gestures are frozen.


Although Benglis has shown her ceramic works to great acclaim for more than two decades in significant exhibitions at institutions like the Hepworth Wakefeld,New Museum of Contemporary Art, and Storm King Art Center, this is the first project that she has done in the medium to hang on the wall. There, the sculptures join their place alongside Benglis’s celebrated wax paintings, knotted forms, and pleated metal pieces.

Lynda Benglis, Bird’s Nest #9 & Bird’s Nest #14, 2016, glazed ceramic, Approx. 36.5” x 8.5” x 8.5”


In collaboration with Hank Saxe and Cynthia Patterson, The Harwood is pleased to present Lynda Benglis’s Bird’s Nests, a project of Beneft Print Project. Beneft Print Project publishes editions and unique projects in all media, from photography and the traditional graphic arts to ceramics andsculpture. Since its inception, it has also coordinated the publication of projects in consortium with culturally signifcant institutions and organizations in Africa, Asia, and North America. In order to connect audiences and support the creative programing of other institutions and organizations, the internationally acclaimed artists with whom Beneft Print Project collaborates are invited to donate signed and numbered proofs to recipients selected by them and Beneft Print Project's co-directors.