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November 14, 2017

Studio 238: 108 Crows, The drawings of Anaïs Rumfelt

Exhibition: November 1 – 22, 2017
Opening Reception: November 3, 2 – 4pm

Thank you to the nearly 100 friends who joined us to welcome local artist Anaïs Rumfelt.

Titled 108 Crows, Rumfelt began this body of work in November 2016 as a response to both a transformation of her personal environment and the changing of the political climate. These simultaneous shifts caused a sense of unrest internally as well as in the world around her. Rumfelt felt a strong need to create from this place. She chose Crows as the subject matter of this piece because of their significant symbolism as well as the stark and graphic nature of their shape.

Rumfelt writes, “Crows are exceptionally adaptable and able to respond to changing conditions by altering the way they behave. Symbolically, they represent mystery and transformation and a call for truth and authenticity in communication. What began with one crow became 108, a number signifying completion and the wholeness of existence in Hindu and Buddhist teachings.”

The 108 birds were painted in black ink on paper, in a repeating pattern of threes. Each is completely unique and individual, but in active relationship with its neighbors. The artist states, “this creates a composition within each page as well as the greater composition of the whole. The use of ink and water lends the form the ability to move in and out of solidity, as if floating between worlds. The completion of this project has informed the direction of my artistic path and I continue to use crows as meaningful elements in my work.”

For Studio 238, the 108 crows will fill a museum wall within the Harwood Museum, forming an installation for the month of November.

The opening reception on November 3rd was free and open to the public.

For more information, contact the Harwood Museum of Art at 575.758.9826 x 109 or go to harwoodmuseum.org.