April 16, 2021 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Saturday, February 10 - Sunday, May 13, 2018

Work by Women: Postwar Dialogues

Gallery: Ellis-Clark Taos Moderns Gallery
Beatrice Mandelman (1912-1998), No War #1 (1B), c. 1960 Florence Pierce (1918-2007), Intimate Objects, 1992Gloria Corbett (1925-1994), The Pond, c. 1950
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In 1918, Mabel Dodge Luhan’s salon brought D.H. and Frieda Lawrence to Taos and the ultimate girls’ club, “The Three Muses” was born. D.H.’s women, Mabel, Frieda and Lady Dorothy Brett, along with Georgia O’Keeffe (unfortunately not yet in the Harwood collection) and Rebecca James were focused on the dream of a new utopia in the west. Their collective output has indeed impacted twentieth century art history. After the war, a few pioneering painters followed this group’s lead and moved to Taos to continue a modernist dialogue using symbols and shapes born of the land and cultures of the west.

Exhibition List
Helen Greene Blumenschein (1909-1989), Exchange Place, c. 1930
Dorothy Brett (1883-1977), Outward Bound, n.d.
Lesley Brown (1901-1991), High Country, 1979
Gloria Corbett (1925-1994), The Pond, c. 1950
Adeine de la Nöe (1907-1987), Snowing X, n.d; Snowing XII, n.d.
Barbara Harmon (1927), Tranquility (No. 1), c. 1964
Rebecca James (1891-1968), Walking Woman, Taos, 1946; The New Plant, 1947; Mourning Woman in Campo Santo, c.1946
Dora Kaminsky (1909-1977), Desert Forms, c. 1930
Frieda Lawrence (1879-1956), Untitled, c. 1930
Janet Lippencott (1918-2007), Blue Tear, n.d.
Mabel Dodge Luhan (1878-1962), Tulips, c. 1935
Beatrice Mandelman (1912-1998), No War #1 (1B); No War #2 (2A); No War #2 (2B), all c. 1960
Florence Pierce (1918-2007), Intimate Objects, 1992; Mirror Series #125, 1993
Eleanor Reed (1913-1976), Sea Shells, 1948