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The Harwood Museum of Art

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Saturday, February 22 - Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kathleen Brennan: The Art of the Documentary

Gallery: Caroline Lee and Bob Ellis Gallery
Kathleen Brennan, "Cows In a Dust Storm," 2012, digital photographKathleen Brennan, "Fence and Elm Tree In a Dust Storm," 2012," digital photographKathleen Brennan, "For Sale," 2012, digital photographKathleen Brennan, "Cows in Dry Pasture," 2012, digital photographKathleen Brennan, "Roger Kuchan of Maxwell, New Mexico," 2012, digital photographKathleen Brennan, "The Buffalo Roam," 2012, digital photograph
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A lifelong photographer, Kathleen Brennan’s work has come from a place of witnessing. Now, as a documentary filmmaker using the readily available technology of today, she attempts to capture more of the ephemeral nature of life.

In this exhibition, three monitors will display Brennan's work of the last several years including:

The New Neighbor - a short film inspired by the fact that Dennis Hopper was buried in Brennan's neighborhood. Produced by Brennan and fellow student John Hamilton, while learning filmmaking at UNM-Taos.

Maxwell, Ground Zero -The changing climate and landscape of the world at large - and the southwest in particular - have prompted Brennan to begin a long-term undertaking of documenting the changes in land and lifestyle of Northeastern New Mexico. Clips from interviews associated with this ongong project will be screened.

Grand Canyon project - An artist in residence (AiR) of the Grand Canyon in October 2013, Brennan had the opportunity to make visual and audio recordings of life at the Canyon: the landscape itself, the rangers who protect it, and the tourists who admire it.

Kathleen Brennan Artist Statement

We are all documentarians.
From the scenes in our dreams through our waking moments, 
We are witness to reality in our daily lives.

Documentary filmmaking shows the lives of others as they unfold. One may have an idea for a story, but the filmmaker’s job is to let the story tell itself. This is the thrill of documentary: you may know where you start, but you have no idea where you will be in the end.

The Harwood Museum of Art's spring exhibitions are made possible in part by The Robert Lehman Foundation, New Mexico Humanities Council, George and Janara Bornstein, Rosamaria Ellis Clark, Kay Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klein, Joann Phillips, Joyce and Sherman Scott, El Meze Restaurant, Taos Inn, and other supporters.