April 13, 2021 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Saturday, May 18 - Sunday, September 8, 2013

Promo Hobo

Gallery: Curator's Wall
Promo HoboPromo Hobo, Harwood Museum of Art InstallationPromo HoboPromo HoboPromo Hobo
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For the past year Taoseños have been doing double takes on Paseo del Pueblo Norte, sometimes stopping to photograph the uprising of an unexpected, paint splattered, demonstration of creative spirit.

Artists Steven Gootgeld and Scripture co- founded Promo Hobo FreeheART in February 2012, motivated in part by their shared frustration with the rules of the gallery and the art world.   Based on large scale temporary street art, the project uses abandoned area buildings as a canvas and leavies original art at the installation sites.  As Gootgeld states, “Promo Hobo is about giving free art, an artistic attempt to turn the current paradigm around 180 degrees......if everyone gives, everyone has enough. The project continues to be a huge learning and personal growth opportunity as well."  

Steven Gootgeld has been an artist for 21 years, serving as an art teacher, graphic and web designer, and videographer.  His award-winning abstract work has been collected and sold around the world.  Scripture, a third generation Taos artist whose family came to the area by way of a Wurlitzer Art Grant, has a background in mural art, graffiti, and tattooing. He heads up Promo Hobo's installation design. Choosing to remain anonymous, he believes that art has a larger impact without names attached. Production and installation is handled by a core group of six street art enthusiasts: ; Scripture, Alpha, T-dog (12 year old rocker) Zachaby (Tender of the Trees), Raydient, and Gary G. (Get Free). Promo Hobo FreeheART is run entirely by a Facebook page and word of mouth.

An interview with Promo Hobo by KRZA's Lisa Jo Goldman is available at this link.

          - Jina Brenneman, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions