April 13, 2021 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Senbazuru of Hope and Healing
Sunday, May 9 - Monday, May 31, 2021 -

Senbazuru of Hope and Healing

Under the east portal in front of the Education door.

 Senbazuru of Hope and Healing

We are proud to present this special collaboration as part of our Educational program:

The project symbolizes the hope and unity of students, teachers, and their families who live in Taos, NM. Students learn how to fold paper cranes through virtual origami classes provided by Izumi Yokoyama, a Japanese artist, and the Harwood Museum of Art. Each participant writes their wish on the paper before folding the cranes. Teachers, school staff, and families are welcome to participate. The paper cranes will be installed under awnings at the Harwood Museum of Art for public display.

History of Senbazuru

Sasaki Sadako, a 12-year-old Japanese girl, began folding cranes to wish that her illness would heal if she could fold 1,000 paper cranes. The story of Sadako spread and inspired throughout the world. Today, many schools and organizations practice Senbazuru for cancer awareness, peace awareness, etc.
We hope to make this community project with the 4th-8th grade and high school students at Enos Elementary School, Roots and Wings, Taos Charter, and Anansi Charter School.




Senbazuru of Hope and Healing is made possible by support from NM Arts, Kanter Kallman Foundation and the TFAF Kids Give Back Award.