March 2, 2021 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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PINK: Feminine Aesthetics in the Age of Intersectionality
Friday, June 28, 2019 - 7:00 pm

PINK: Feminine Aesthetics in the Age of Intersectionality

Arthur Bell Auditorium

Sarah Stolar, feminist artist and Chair of the Art Department at UNM-Taos, invites three New Mexico artists - Nikesha Breeze, Jessamyn Lovell and c Marquez- to discuss the understanding of “gendered” imagery and how “feminine” aesthetics translates in today’s intersectional climate. Informed by Judy Chicago’s research on Central Core Imagery, this panel will consider what constitutes a feminine aesthetic (if anything at all), gender normative imagery, color as stereotype, the ethics of feminist art and inclusivity, and identity politics. Works by the participating artists will be presented, along with other specific artworks such as the Pussy Hat Project, Judy Chicago’s Through the Flower, and Cassils' Becoming an Image.

$10.00 public, Free to Museum Members and UNM students/staff.