November 23, 2020 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Journey Down the Gila - Protecting New Mexico’s Last Wild River, featuring a screening of the upcoming film: “Hearts on the Gila”
Friday, May 3, 2019 - 7:00 pm

Journey Down the Gila - Protecting New Mexico’s Last Wild River, featuring a screening of the upcoming film: “Hearts on the Gila”

Arthur Bell Auditorium

Can the lives and deaths of three teenage environmentalists help save one of America’s last wild rivers?

Heart of the Gila, New Mexico Wild and Center for Biological Diversity present a screening of the 'work in progress' documentary film by New Mexico filmmaker David Garcia: Hearts on the Gila. Folowed by a discussion of Wild and Scenic protection for the Gila, & Q&A w/ filmmaker & cast.
Run time: 90 minutes

Four years after losing their teenage children in a tragic plane crash, three mothers embark on a thirty-six mile boat journey down the Gila River and into the Gila Wilderness in Southwestern New Mexico. Their three kids, avid environmentalists, were studying the effects of a devastating forest fire when their plane went down in high winds. Passionate advocates for the wild, the children’s lives were inextricably linked to the Gila. As the mothers travel on kayaks down the river with varying levels of outdoor experience, their physical journey mirrors a journey of their souls through extreme grief as they pass through the heart of the Gila. What will they learn about themselves, their children’s legacy, and the importance of wild river systems to the spiritual health of humanity in a world where wild places are rapidly disappearing?

From New Mexico documentary filmmaker David Garcia comes the story of three grief-stricken mothers seeking solace and hope on the waters of one of America’s last wild rivers. Four years and multiple river trips in the making, Hearts on the Gila is a lush cinematic river level journey down one of America’s great natural treasures. As the film nears completion the filmmaker, supported by New Mexico Wild and Heart of the Gila, is taking a work-in-progress cut of the film on the road to share with select Southwestern communities that have a stake in the future of the threatened Gila River. Designed to raise awareness of the challenges facing the river, the screenings will be a rare opportunity for audience members to engage in a direct way with the film making process and dialogue in person with the filmmaker and some of the film’s subjects.

Tickets are $10 for general and $8 for museum members.