May 30, 2020 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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An Evening with Larry Bell, Jackson Price and Guitars
Saturday, October 6, 2018 - 7:00 pm

An Evening with Larry Bell, Jackson Price and Guitars

Arthur Bell Auditorium

Larry Bell, whose Hocus, Focus and 12 exhibition fills four of the museum’s galleries, has collected guitars for as long as he’s been an artist. That’s going on 60 years. His collection, mostly twelve-strings, has inspired his imagery and provided hours of relaxation and camaraderie with musician friends. Three evenings with the artist, a few of his guitars and musician friends are planned to coincide with the Bell exhibition.

Tonight's evening is led by the versitle musician, Jackson Price, of the Blues Rockets and Big Swing Theory music groups. Larry and Jackson have been "family" since Jackson's birth: Ken Price, Jackson's father, was a colleague and friend since the days both artists attended Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, in the 1950s. In fact, one reason Bell decided to move to Taos in the early 1970s was the fact Ken and Happy Price were living and working here.

Jacksons says, "I started playing lead guitar in a blues band called the Mighty Mojo Prophets 15 years ago in los Angeles. Once i moved to Taos I started the jump blues and swing band called Big Swing Theory who still play regularly and then created a spin off straight blues band called Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets. After years of mixing up personnel  with the blues band I feel like the right pieces are finally in place for my new band Jackson Price and the Blues Review. We (Jackson Price and the Blues Review) have just finished tracking our debut album and it's headed to the mixing stage. We will be playing acoustic versions of some of the songs and I'll be playing Larry's guitars. I have composed three new songs that will debut on October 6, two of them written to play on one of Larry's 12 strings. I will also play a couple of acoustic slide pieces on a resonator that Larry gave to me after the death of my father. I used to visit Larry in his Venice Beach studio and hang out playing whatever guitars he had on display at the time. It fills me with joy to see them all out on display now. To go fiddle around with them at his shop is truly a special experience. Larry is a larger than life character who is one of the most generous and sincere guys I know. Also, to be around him brings back memories of my father who was also one of a kind. They were great friends and Larry holds prime real estate in my heart so to be able to show my appreciation through music is an honor."

The conversation and music begins at 7:00pm but the museum doors will open at 6:30. Come early to visit the Scott Gallery upstairs where 12 twelve string guitars and 12 of Bell’s Church Study mirage works hang side by side. See the influence!

$15 general, $12 members.