October 19, 2018 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Film: Drilling Mora County
Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 7:00 pm

Film: Drilling Mora County

Arthur Bell Auditorium

The film covers the Mora County fracking ban with interviews with attorneys, activists, and elected officials involved with the ordinance banning hydrocarbon extraction in Mora County, New Mexico. Attorneys like Jeffery Haas, elected officials like John Olivas and activists like Kathleen Dudley and Anita Laran.                                            The screening will be followed by Q & A with the Director: David Luis Leal Cortez and former Mora County Commissioner John Olivas.

"David Luis Leal Cortez's documentary on the Mora County citizen grassroots effort to assert their rights to quality life--health, clean air, water, a quality future for their children. And in doing so, the country government passed a new law that sent the oil and gas industries scurrying away to grab bigger guns.

This is David's monumental work to distill the seven year citizen effort. A salty juxtaposition to John Nichols' "Milagro Bean field War" footage. He makes his point well. And in conjunction with Frank Water's "People of the Valley," it is apparent that the people of Mora County are tenacious with clear values of what matters in a good life well lived.” Kathleen Dudley.

Tickets are $15 and $12 for museum members.

film trailer: vimeo.com/208741339