June 18, 2018 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Jazz: Greg Abate & Richie Cole Celebrate Phil Woods
Saturday, June 3, 2017 - 7:30 pm

Jazz: Greg Abate & Richie Cole Celebrate Phil Woods

Arthur Bell Auditorium

On June 2nd, Abate will bring to the Harwood all the passion of that session, in celebration of the master. To stoke it up even more, he has invited alto sax firebrand Richie Cole to join him. Both Cole and Abate have recorded with Woods, and been deeply inspired and influenced by him. Both have adopted and adapted the hot, swinging feel and melodic, harmonic approach favored by Woods, who learned directly from the grandmaster of Be-Bop himself, Charlie Parker. And even more than that, both Abate and Cole bring to the bandstand their style of going for the fences emotionally, every single night, year in-year out… the same thing Woods did for more than 6 decades all over the world, including whole decades of more than 200 performances a year.
The evening will inevitably include the historical drama of the saxophone battle. Since the sax was adopted by jazz early in the 20th Century, sax players have slugged it out on the bandstand to the delight of listeners lucky enough to be there. In ways these ‘cutting sessions’ are not unlike some of the contests that rappers have where they trade off and try to best each. Greg and Richie are much too close and respectful for this encounter to be anything but exciting and fun, but there may be a not-so-subtle feeling of “Oh yeah? I hear you… and here’s what I can do!”
Tickets are $25 and $20 for Museum members.