April 20, 2018 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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UNM Art Course - Introduction to Art
Thursday, January 19 - Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 12:00- 2:30 - Every Thursday

UNM Art Course - Introduction to Art

Arthur Bell Auditorium, Harwood Museum of Art

UNM Course: INTRODUCTION TO ART - ART HISTORY 101   (CRN - Course  - 40655-ARTH 101 800)

Instructor: Dr. Richard Tobin, Director, Harwood Museum of Art

Prerequisite: None ; Lab fee

Every Thursday from January 19th through  May 11th from noon-2:30

Course description:

A beginning course in the fundamental concepts of the visual arts; the language of form and the media of artistic expression. The course includes readings and slide lectures supplemented by museum exhibition attendance, and meets New Mexico Lower-Division General Education Common Core Curriculum Area V: Humanities and Fine Arts.

The course will introduce fundamental concepts and forms of artistic expression as they evolved within the Western tradition. It will then explore their current manifestation within today’s global perspective, and in more depth, within the living legacy of Taos arts, with particular focus on the wide range of works in the Harwood collections.

The course appeals to those seeking a basic entry into the world of the arts as well as to museum goers, prospective docents and other students of Southwest art and its relation to the national art scene.


You will need to be admitted to UNM before you can register for a course. Apply here or call 575-737-6215. There are several admission options depending on whether you are in a degree program or interested in non-degree status. 

Register for the class here>> or call 575-737-6245 to register or go to Klauer camous.

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