June 21, 2021 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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What is the Harwood’s relationship with the University of New Mexico?

On November 8, 1935 Lucy Case Harwood donated the Harwood Foundation to the University of New Mexico.  The Deed of Conveyance states that “Said property shall remain the property of the University of New Mexico in perpetuity and shall be kept intact in Taos, New Mexico, by the University, and be utilized as an educational, cultural and art center in connection with the work of the University.” Today the University of New Mexico generously supports the Harwood through annual allocations funding building maintenance and staff salaries.  Although the figure varies, this allocation represents an average of 30% of the museum’s total revenues. The remaining revenues are comprised of contributed (gifts, grants) and earned (admission fees, ticket sales) income.

I have an idea for an exhibition at the Harwood.  How do I propose it to you?

The Harwood receives many exhibition proposals each year; however, we’re always interested in hearing good ideas. The museum invites artists, independent curators, scholars, or community members to submit exhibition proposals  for consideration.   An Exhibition Proposal form is available here, while a copy of the museum's Exhibitions Policy is available here

Can you help me understand the Agnes Martin Gallery?

Agnes Martin once said, "I paint with my back to the world." And, although aesthetic experiences are a very personal thing, we think that Agnes' words provide sound inspiration for anyone visiting the Harwood's Agnes Martin Gallery. Our advice?  Enter the Gallery by yourself, or with someone with whom you are comfortable sharing a silence. Sit - with your back to the rest of the museum - on the yellow stools (created by Agnes' friend and fellow artist Donald Judd) in the center of the Gallery. Look. Be silent, for at least a few minutes, and see what comes to you. And, if you really need some edification, find a copy of the 2002 DVD entitled Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World or watch this video of an interview with the artist. 

 Photo Credit:  Rick Romancito

Can you appraise my painting?

Unfortunately, museums are unable to provide appraisals.  Directories of art appraisers are available on line.

Have a question that you'd like to see addressed here?  Submit it to info@harwoodmuseum.org.